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(Dubai, UAE, 21 May 2019)

→    Being in the car encourages families to talk according to 41 per cent of UAE & KSA respondents

→    Nearly two in five (39%) consider the time they spend with their children in the car is a valuable time to talk to them

→    This Ramadan, Volkswagen encourages families to create memories together whilst travelling in the car


In an age where social media hinders most of our physical human activity, Volkswagen Middle East’s latest study reveals that families use the time spent in the car to share secrets, clear their mind and create new memories.

The survey undertaken by global research company, Censuswide, asked a series of questions to over 1000 respondents in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a substantial amount of time spent in the car daily, families use this time for invaluable moments with loved ones. Over a third (35%) believe the car is a safe space where they and their loved ones can open up to one another, while almost two in five (37%) say some of their favourite childhood memories are from family road trips.

With increasingly busy schedules and minimal time disconnected from the internet and television, it’s becoming more important now than ever before to ensure quality time with family. Rather than typing a message or email, physical human interaction proves better for the over-all wellbeing of the whole family. Ramadan is the perfect time to make this happen when close family and a period of reflection is paramount.

People are having fun whilst driving too, with the poll revealing that nearly half of respondents (43%) said they are most likely to sing whilst driving and a third (33%) even saying that they enjoy telling jokes! Nearly a quarter (23%) stated that they are most likely to share gossip or secrets whilst being in the car.

The most desired features in a car to make the journey pleasurable, include comfortable seats (46%) and USB portals (33%), and almost a third (30%) stated space as the most important. As the month of Ramadan focuses on reflection, peace and blessings, cherish the quality time with family in the car as you travel together throughout the month.

Bruno Gisquet, Marketing Director at Volkswagen Middle East, said: “The world we live in is more connected than ever before with people spending hours every day on their smartphones or tablets, immersing themselves in a world online. Our research has shown that time in spent in the car can be quality time however, with people sharing conversations with loved ones, going on an adventurous road trips, or enjoying singalongs whilst on the road. This Ramadan we encourage all families to create new memories together, and to connect doing the things that they enjoy the most.”

Last year, Volkswagen Middle East launched its first seven-seater SUV into the GCC, the Teramont. The ultimate SUV received an unprecedented response from the industry and customers alike, in particular for its safety and connectivity, verifying its appeal amongst families.

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